Cycle Race

As part of this year’s inter-house sports competition, a grand cycle race was staged by the Sports Committee on Friday, 06th February, 2015.  The race featured junior, senior in male male female categories in BMX, mountain bike  and racer classes.  The circuit comprised the Mole Road, Village, La Pointe, Highway, Mole Road clockwise orbital with the start/finish line near the junction of Mole Road and Cemetery Road.

The event turned out to be extremely popular and successful with villagers turning out in their numbers to supply water to the riders and even to sweep the track.  The police was present to lead the riders and to provide traffic calming and protection.   CMMSS is deeply grateful for both the members of the community and the police for the support and cooperation.

The overall winner was Romueous Noel of Walcott house in the racer class.

cycle race