Access Your Online Classes & Complete Your Work!

It has been observed that while several students have joined their Google Classrooms, many have been failing to attend classes and have not been attempting nor submitting their lesson assignments. This is not what is expected of a CMMSS student and is completely unacceptable.

We are aware of the problems some students face – no devices nor Internet connection – and efforts are being made by the Ministry of Education to remedy that situation. This message is not directed at them but instead, is targeted at those who have been blessed with the requisite resources but are simply neglecting to do what is expected of them.

During our virtual assembly, the importance accessing your classes and submitting your completed work was re-emphasized. The difficulties some students face and the emotional toll the current situation may be taking, are understood by your teachers who keep going above and beyond to ensure that your class material is diligently prepared to ensure you understand everything easily and independently.

Some teachers often have students from different levels (forms) during a session so it is not always possible for your particular class to be held using a live Zoom or Google Meet video conference. This should NOT matter! As I indicated earlier, your class content has been prepared and posted in a format that makes it accessible and easy to follow without much interaction from your teachers. You simply have to go through the material – usually a video clip, word processed notes or presentation and then answer some questions. Many teachers post multiple choice exercises so there is absolutely no reason for the failure to submit once you access that class.

So play your part! Go to you classes and complete your work! You can do it, if you try.