Congratulations To All Graduates

graduation-capCongratulations to all of you who graduated from CMMSS on the 1st of July, 2014.  You youngsters survived five years at Clendon Mason Memorial so you should be well equipped to take on the outside world.  We all wish you every success in your new lives.  We will miss you dearly (erm well some of you, wink, wink :)). Seriously though, it was indeed an emotional occasion to see you leave.  Crystal’s valedictory address was well delivered and moving.  Christus’s vote of thanks was similarly well presented.

Massive congrats to all the award winners – especially Crystal who left with a truckload of silverware.  Christus deserves plenty of plaudits as he too was well decorated with numerous awards.  You winners worked diligently and are thus worthy of the recognition.  Photos of the ceremony can be viewed at

Once again huge congrats to all and may the Almighty Father bless you all richly.

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