Coping Skills For Kids & Teens

Good day students.

Before this global pandemic, life for teens basically consisted of nightly homework, worry about exams and grades, sports practice, rehearsals and weekends filled with fun activities with family and friends.

However, as we continue to face the COVID-19 health crisis, we encounter added stress factors, which include, worry about our safety, stability and the unknown. If not properly managed the stress factors faced can lead to anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. 

Considering this, your School Guidance Counsellor has decided to provide you with weekly psychosocial support to address some of your concerns (Day 1 9:00-9:15 am) Various mediums will be used for this purpose. This week you are invited to view a short video entitled Stress Management tips for Kids and Teens from this Youtube link. 

Remember your school counsellor is available and could be contacted if needed at the school provided email.

Have a Wonderful week.

Mrs Williams