CXC (CSEC) June 2023 Exams Registration Information

Registration information for the June 2023 CXC exam session can be found below.

Key points to note:

  • The government of Saint Lucia will be covering the subject and administrative costs for English A and Mathematics
  • The SBA Fee is now called the Administrative Fee
  • Every candidate pays the Local fee ($50.00) and Entry Fee ($48.60) as a one-off fee whenever they register. As such, there is compulsory $98.60 whenever a candidate registers
  • Candidates pay $49.28 for every subject they register. Thus if you select 10 subjects, your total subject fee will be $492.80
  • In addition to the subject fee, candidates pay $15.00 for every SBA. All subjects except French and
    Spanish have an Administrative Fee attached. If you have registered 10 subjects which do not include French and Spanish, your total Administrative Fee will be $150.00
  • Furthermore, some subjects have a Practical Fee attached. These include EDPM; F&N; PE; Theatre Arts; Textiles, Clothing & Fashion. The fee for each practical is $30.00. Therefore if a student is writing EDPM and PE, he or she will have to add a $60.00 for practicals to her registration, subject and administrative fees
  • Students will be given three bank payments slips. One will contain the total fees payable, subjects and other relevant information and the other two will be blank. Students will have to fill in the two blank payment slips with the information from the first slip
  • Fees should ONLY be paid at any branch of BANK OF SAINT LUCIA in CASH ONLY
  • After payment, the bank should be given one copy of the slip, the student should return one copy to the school and keep the final one as a receipt. Students should make sure that ALL PAYMENT SLIPS ARE STAMPED BY THE BANK’S CASHIER AFTER PAYMENT
  • The deadline for STUDENTS to complete their registration is FRIDAY 09 DECEMBER 2022
  • Students who fail to complete their registration by that day are liable to incur late fees – see Table 1

Figure 1 – Registration Fees

Table 1 below shows the late fees which applied for the June 2022 exam session. The applicable late fees for the 2023 session have not been received so candidates should use the information presented as a reference.

Table 1- Late and Amendment Fees 

  • Amendment Fees are fees that apply if a candidate has to make corrections in their names, dates of birth, subject options (example changing options in PE, Theater Arts or TD)
  • Please note the later you register or the longer you wait to make an amendment, the more you pay. Therefore REGISTER BEFORE THE DEADLINE AND MAKE SURE ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION IS CORRECT!