CXC Exam Fee Payment Deadline Extension

The deadline has been further extended to 18th December 2020.

I hope all of you are alright and adhering to recommended COVID-19 guidelines to keep yourselves and those around you safe.  I also hope your studies are going well.

The following information was sent via email on Friday 4th December 2020 and has been included here for re-emphasis

As you are aware, the initial CXC exam fee payment deadline of Friday 4th December 2020 has passed.  However due to low response from students, the deadline has been extended till the end of the term – Friday 11th December 2020.

We can no longer wait for students to submit the information we have been requesting, so from Monday 7th to Friday 11th December 2020, Mr Regis, the Secretary or I will be at the school distributing bank payment slips.  We should be there from 10:00am but please call the school at 453-3329 to confirm before you visit.

In the email sent to students, an information verification form which contains your subject choices and personal information (name, date of birth, phone number, etc) was mentioned.  These will not be handed to students at the time the slips are collected. Instead a sheet in the form of a receipt which contains the same information, will be given after payment. These are generated by the CXC Online Registration System. You need to verify all the information it contains is correct. It should be reviewed with your parents – signed and returned to the school. 

You will also be given three bank payment slips.  One will be filled in with your payment details.  The other two you will be expected to fill in yourselves by copying the information from the one which was done for you.  When you go to pay at the Bank of Saint Lucia, one will be retained by the teller, you will keep one and immediately return the third (and most readable copy) to the school, along with your signed verification form, if you had not done so already.

If you pay on Friday 11th December, you may return the slip to the school on Monday 14th December.  If you live in the Mabouya Valley, you can make arrangements with Mr Myers to collect from you.

Please note while you may have submitted a list of subjects, final approvals may be based on your SBA completion status (for those SBAs you were supposed to have completed), your attendance at classes – both on compound and online, and your interest in the subject.  As such although you may have a subject on your timetable, your recommendation to write the exam in that subject may require confirmation from your teacher.  If you have any queries, contact your subject teacher.

As regards fees and to give you an idea of your total payment, please see the following information. I will be placing a fee calculator online soon to enable you to easily generate the applicable fee.

Entry Fee – $48.60
Subject Fee – $49.28
Local Fee – $50.00

Practical Fee – $30.00 (C&T, F&N, EDPM, PE & T-Arts )
Oral Fee – $30.00 (French and Spanish)
SBA Fee – $15.00 (All subjects except French, Spanish & English B)

If for example your subjects are:

English A, Maths, English B, Agri, C&T, French, PE & SS

Your fees will be calculated as follows:

Entry Fee + Local Fee (These are paid once by all students)

$48.60 + $50.00 = $98.60

Eight Subjects 

$49.28 x 8 = $394.24

Six SBAs (No SBA for English B & Spanish)

$15 x 6 = $90.00

Two Practicals (C&T plus PE)

$30 x 2 = $60.00

One Oral (Spanish)

$30 x 1 = $30.00

TOTAL = (98.60 + 394.24 + 90.00 + 60.00 + 30.00) = $672.84

Continue working hard and continue to check and READ your emails and visit this website REGULARY for updates and other information.