End of Term Exams – Term 1, 2021-2022

Monday, 22nd November, 2021 signaled the start of the end-of-term exam time slot for the first term. However, as was the case last term, there will be no dedicated exam period. This means exams and normal classes will run concurrently and as such, your classes will be scheduled during your timetabled lessons.

This calls for extra focus, concentration and hard work on your part since you will have no “days off” to study. Therefore please ensure you attend all of your classes because there is still plenty of catching up to do, and to ensure you do not miss a single exam.

Those who missed the online classes, make sure you go through all of the material posted by your teachers and complete all the exercises, quizzes and assignments available. You will be tested on ALL material covered this term both online and face-to-face.

All the best to you.