Principal’s Message


I want to take this opportunity to greet all Clendon Mason Memorial Secondary School Students. It is not posible to mention all your names in this message, but the principal and all staff want to wish you well during this very difficult time, which Covid-19 has presented to us. Some of you come from as far as Trois Piton in the north and Laborie in the south.

It would be nice to greet you all in person, but this is not possible at the moment. I urge you to take Covid-19 seriously. It is a war that we are fighting. We are all in it together and while the health authorities are doing their best from a scientific point of view, we can make our contribution but playing our part to stop the spread of the virus. You can do this by doing all

that we have been asked to do. I would like to remind you all to stay at home and to follow the guidelines that the Ministry of health has put in place:

1. Sanitize your hands
2. Don’t touch your face
3. Wear masks when necessary

I will post a short video on what Covid-19 is all about so you can watch it in your spare time.

Although we cannot be with you in a physical classroom, we do not want you to miss out on your learning. As a result, we are going to teach you remotely or online as much as possible. There will be challenges, such as: some of you do not have access to the technology items like laptops, phones, iPads, and so one. Where this is the case, efforts will be made to reach you with a paper package that your parents can collect on your behalf. At no time are you to come to the school.

Over the next few days, our Vice Principal, as well as our Counselor and our information technology specialist will arrange to provide additional information on how you will, be taught, how to access the information and to give you general encouragement. I want to urge all of you to participate in this term’s remote learning so that teachers can collect information on your performance as end of term reports will be issued.

We want you back in school but we must wait for the all clear from the Ministry of Health. Let us pray that things will return to normal soon. In the meantime, please remain on top of your

remote learning and I want to wish you all the best in this difficult time for us all.

Thank you


Mr. T. Charles