Welcome Back To School – Term 2, 2022 – 2023 Academic Year

A warm welcome back to everyone to this new term and and of course a new calendar year – 2023. We hope everyone had an pleasant, restful and enjoyable festive season. We hope too you have returned refreshed and ready to work.

As you have been informed by your teachers, this term will feature the continuous assessment format where your end-of-term grades will be taken from assessments conducted during the term. These will comprise quizzes, in-class tests, homework assignment and projects. As such, there will be no end-of-term exams. It is important therefore that you attend all of your classes and complete all of your assessments. If you do miss an assessment, it is your duty to follow-up with your teacher so you can be given a chance to complete it. You are liable to be given a zero score if your return to school and fail to make an effort to catch up on missed assessment. Once again, always consult your teachers and and your classmates regarding what was missed upon your return from absence.

This this shall see the return of our annual sports meet after a three-year interruption due to COVID. Everyone should be eager and rearing to go. Indeed, the excitement can already be felt! By all means, immerse yourself fully in the various sporting activities – the road relay, fun sports and the track and field events – but do not allow your academic standards to drop by neglecting your studies.

Once again welcome back and all the best to everyone for 2023 and beyond.