Welcome To The 2023-2024 Academic Year

A very warm welcome to all to the new 2023-2024 academic year. Those who are returning, welcome back and to the form ones and new teachers, we hereby extend a warm and cordial Clendon Mason Memorial Secondary School (CMMSS) welcome to you. We do sincerely hope you enjoy being part of our CMMSS family and find the experience rewarding.

We have been confronted with some challenges the past couple of years – name the COVID epidemic and more recently the hurricane Bret. However we havered survived and persevered.

As such, we must ensure we capitalize fully on the opportunities which have have been presented to us once again. We have to make it our duty to attend all of our classes regularly and to be punctual every single day. We must also make an extra effort to complete all of our assignments and submit them by the deadlines set.

Finally, please ensure your follow all of the school’s guidelines, rules and regulations to ensure you remain safe and out of unnecessary trouble. Enjoy the opening day and the rest of the term and year.