Welcome To The New School Year!

A very warm welcome to all to the new 2015-2016 academic year.   Those who are returning, welcome back and the to the form form ones and new teachers, we hereby extend a cordial Clendon Mason Memorial welcome to you.  We hope the everyone is well rested, refreshed and eager to proceed with the business of teaching, learning and character building.

We faced some challenges last year and those will be overcome with the involvement of everyone.  We plan to make a fresh start in many areas especially in discipline, conduct and overall culture.  As such, a new Code of Conduct has been drawn up along with a new Homework Policy and enhanced academic and co-curricular programmes.

Our new block which is currently under construction is scheduled to be commissioned by the start of the second term and hopefully it will provide the conducive learning environment to propel us to the levels to which we aspire.

Welcome to all once again!