Woolay La Ba Cricket Competition Updates

As part of our Simen Jounen Kwéyol activities, a grand inter-house Woolay La Ba cricket competition has been organised. The first match featured current Inter-house Sports Champions St. Omer House versus Daniel on Tuesday, 25th October, 2022. Summarised reports for that match and others are supplied below.

Charles House attempting to overhaul the total set by Walcott

Competition Rules

  • Eight (8) players per team
  • Four overs to bowled per team
  • Maximum number of overs per bowler is one (1)
  • Batsmen must run whenever the ball is struck with the bat
  • Wide balls will be re-delivered but no runs will be added to the batting team’s score
  • In the event the batting team loses 7 wickets (or if they have fewer players, the total less one) before the four overs are bowled, the “not out” batter will continue to bat with a dismissed batter under he/she dismissed. In other words, all players on the batting team has to be dismissed until the overs expire

Match 1, Daniel vs St. Omer – Tuesday, 25 October, 2022
Daniel batted first and scored 22 runs for the loss of 3 wickets in their 4 overs. St. Omer replied with 24 for the loss of one wicket in 1.1 overs. Tyrell Vidal top-scored for St. Omer with a blistering 17 runs in five balls.

Daniel’s Total: 22 runs for 3 wickets in 4 overs
St Omer’s Total: 24 runs in 1.1 overs
Tyrell Vidal (St. Omer): 17 runs

Result: Victory to St. Omer by 7 wickets with 2.5 overs to spare.

Match 2, Charles vs Walcott – Thursday, 27 October, 2022
Walcott batted first and amassed a mammoth total of 68 in their 4 overs thanks to some brilliant strokeplay from Raje Gaston and Chaidel Collymore.
Raje Gaston: 32 runs
Chaidel Collymore: 27 runs
Walcott’s Total: 68 runs for 1 wicket in 4 overs

In their reply, Charles house – who only fielded 5 players – found themselves in deep trouble losing 3 wickets in the first over to find themselves reeling on 8 runs for 3 wickets. However Shay Stephen had no plans to go down without a fight and set about singlehandedly destroying the Walcott bowling attach by smashing an aggressing 33 made up of mostly fours and sixes.

Despite Shay’s heroics, Charles – always on the back foot with 3 players missing – fell 20 runs short on 48 when Shay ways smartly run out through some outstanding Walcott fielding. The fielding from Walcott was one of the highlights of the match – 3 catches including an absolute blinder by Stephan Ermay, plus 2 run-outs. The other highlight was the bowling and fielding of Clitus Francis who took 3 wickets, 2 catches and was involved in one of the run-outs.

Shay Stephen: 33 runs
Clitus Francis: 3 wickets
Charles’s Total: 48 runs all out (5 wickets) in 3.5 overs

Result: Victory to Walcott by 20 runs

The grand final will be between St. Omer and Walcott on Friday, 28th October, 2022.


The final was played on Friday 28th October, 2022 between St. Omer House and Walcott House. The number of overs was increased from 4 per team to 5. St. O began their innings slowly but eventually amassed a decent score of 56 thanks to some hard hitting from overs 2 and 4 by captain Bourne Innocent. However a string of three run-outs in severely limited their scoring rate

By contrast, Walcott began their reply in aggressive fashion with opening batsman Stephan Ermay smashing his first three deliveries for 6, 4 and 4 respectively. The St. O bowlers, upon advice from their coach Mr Polius, employed a new tactic by rolling their deliveries completely flat and slowly. This made it more difficult for the Walcott batsmen to play their strokes. They were only then able to hit the ball flat and mostly straight to fielders. This led to another precession of runouts executed mostly through some brilliant fielding by Matthew Louis. Their scoring rate suffered badly as a result,

Despite a late surge by Kanye Marcellin and Laudon Howell who need 21 runs in the last over, they fell short by 9 runs on 47.

CONGRATS TO ST. O for winning the Woolay La Ba cricket competion!