End Of Term Exams

examsNow that end of term exams have started (Monday, 24th November 2014) for both lower and upper schools, all students are expected to be in full exam mode for the next couple of weeks.  Exam timetables are available from the bursar so everyone is urged to get theirs.  Most of you should be familiar with the guidelines for these exams.  For the benefit of the form ones, here are a few reminders.

  • Consult your timetables regular and peruse carefully to determine the date, time and venue of you exam
  • Report to your exam room fifteen (15) minutes before the start of your test.  Punctuality is essential! Those arriving late shall not be given additional time
  • Walk with all your required materials – pens, pencils, erasers, file sheets, rulers, geometry sets, calculators (where required)
  • Strictly no cellphones
  • Once the exam has started there should be no talking or interaction with other students
  • All questions and queries should be directed to the exam invigilators(s)
  • If you don’t have exam on a particular day, please stay home.  Exceptions are form fives who need to see their subject teachers regarding SBAs etc
  • Those who have only one exam on a day should go home immediately afterwards.  If you have to stay in the school to wait for your bus or for any other reason, you have to remain quiet
  • Those who have multiple exams should remain on the compound but need to keep the noise levels down

Best wishes to everyone :).