Teacher ICT Survey

questionnaireAll teachers (not just only those in the IT department) are kindly requested to complete the Ministry of Education Curriculum and Materials Unit (CAMDU), Information and Communications Technology (ICT) survey.  In a nutshell, the questionnaire seeks to assess the current IT skills of teachers in order to tailor and provide training to those who require it for incorporating ICT in the delivery of their lessons.

The survey can be accessed by clicking this link http://camdu.edu.lc/?page_id=170.  In order to view the survey,  use the vertical scroll bar  which appears in the frame under the heading Secondary School Teacher ICT Knowledge and Skills Survey.  You can also click on the bold text here to access the survey page.

As an incentive for completing the survey, I have been informed that teachers taking part shall be entered in a draw to win a mobile phone.

As of Tuesday 25th November 2104, the CAMDU website appears to be offline.  This is beyond our control here at CMMSS.  As such it is not possible to say whether the survey is still available.  All we can advise is that anyone wishing to access the survey is should keep trying the link.