Distribution Of Tablets To Form Two Students

Please note government issued tablets (also referred to as LernBook devices or ebook devices) will be distributed to parents/guardians or close adult family member of Form Two Students on Tuesday 16th March from 10am at the school. Please note the following conditions must be met by anyone collecting tablets:

  • Masks must be worn at all times
  • Everyone entering the compound will have their name, address, contact number and temperature recorded.  This is a government requirement for contact tracing purposes
  • Parents must have in their possession a photo ID of themselves or their children’s school ID card
  • Parents who are unable to collect may appoint a representative. That person shall not be be less than 18 years old and the same ID requirements shall apply
  • Individuals collecting tablets will be required to fill in and sign a contract before collection

Students are not required to be present.  However those who wish to do so may accompany the person collecting on their behalf.  Students who do decide to show do not need to be dressed in their school uniforms. However we are some of your will be in school attire so we can snap a few photos.