Inter-Secondary Schools Cricket Rama

The Annual season opening Ministry of Youth Development and Sports Cricket Rama was held at the Beausejour Cricket Ground today Wednesday 11th February 2015.  Up to the time of reporting, ten teams including defending champions, your very own CMMSS, had registered.

Last year’s winners were paired up against the Seventh Day Academy (SDA) who had evidently spent the entire night in a prayer vigil because they played like a team brimming with divine inspiration.  The matches were of 3 overs per team (of 8 players) duration and the SDA restricted the defending champs to a paltry and grossly sub-par 14 runs.  CMMSS could only manage a single boundary in their 18 delivers – a pulled six over midwicket by Alex Alfred in the final over.

The Adventists, no doubt feeling that their prayers had been answered because of the measly target they had been set, went about the CMMSS bowling with some relish in their turn at the crease.

CMMSS’s top scorer Alex Alfred was charged with opening the bowling and quickly turned from hero to zero with a forgettable over littered with wides.  Before he could deliver his six legal delivery, his over had already been plundered for the winning target of 15 runs.

So ended the champions feeble defense of the title that they won so brilliantly last year.  What’s that say again?  Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties.  As far as CMMSS is concerned their performance was uncertain but far from glorious.