Password Reset and Other Email Account Assistance

In the event you have forgotten your password and you need to have it reset, please use the any of the following options:

  • Contact Mr Myers via WhatsApp at number 518-6764 stating your name and homeroom. You will be contacted to verify you are the one making the request
  • Contact Mr Polius if you have is contact details. He can reset the passwords
  • Inform your homeroom or subject teacher who will the pass on the information to Mr Myers or Mr Polius
  • Use the contact on this website by clicking Contact Us on the main menu above or by clicking HERE. Please include a phone number in your message to verify you are the one making the request for changes to your account

Please note it is possible to reset your password by yourself if you have access to another email account. You will first have to send us that alternate email address so it can be added to your school’s account. When you go through the process of self-resetting your account, a code or new password will be sent to to address to enable your old password to be changed.

As such, if you have not done so already, please create another email account (using Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or any other popular web based email service provider) and use as your personal account. It is a good idea to keep your school and personal account separate to manage them more efficiently.