disciplineOne of the priorities this year at CMMSS is to embark on a campaign to improve the standard of discipline.  Whilst the vast majority of our students are impeccably behaved, there are few – especially among the gentlemen – who treat some of the school’s rules as mere suggestions to which they are not required to adhere.  Well lads, you will be unpleasantly surprised as the rules will be rigorously enforced especially against those who aim to carve out careers as serial offenders.  Everyone should own a copy of the CMMSS rule book and as such, there should be no confusion over what is or is not acceptable.

To reiterate, those who conduct themselves in accordance with the regulations will find life at CMMSS a most pleasant experience. Conversely, those who persistently violate the rules, especially where discipline and compliance with the school’s are uniform regulations are concerned, shall find CMMSS somewhat less accommodating from this term onwards.

Please be guided accordingly.